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Agricultural Products

Agricultural production is the use of crops and animal products to enhance human life sustainably. The major agricultural products can be broadly grouped into foods, fibers, fuels, and raw materials (such as rubber). Food classes include cereals (grains), vegetables, fruits, oils, meat, milk, eggs, and fungi.We have integrated blockchain network into this system for improvement, transperency and also a means of passive income generation.

Agromix Chain works with legislatures, administrative and intergovernmental associations, common society and the confidential area on economical creation and utilization. Furthermore, Agromix Chain creates direction material to further develop the quality exchanged along the whole production network and on related issues, for example, least quality necessities, food squander decrease, discernibility, and great practice.

Our Benefits

This project’s goals include protecting the environment, fostering improvement and transparency, and developing a method of generating passive revenue.

A significant component of the Common is high-quality, organic goods. Agricultural Policy is a key goal of rural.

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